Daniel Wilson & Amber Tyldesley

Meet the Artists behind Studio Wildlife

Daniel and Amber are both internationally renowned wildlife artists who have come together to share their knowledge and passion for wildlife art.

Daniel and Amber have been creating paintings professionally for over 15 years, both award winning artists with collectors around the globe. More recently the pair have decided to produce a small series of collaborative works.

“We met through the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year competition, we had both been shortlisted a few times before but never actually met each other. It was 2019 and we both ended up dropping off our paintings at the same time on the same day. I introduced myself to Amber then after many months of trying to get her to go on a date with me she finally said yes. Then nearly four years and many paintings later I asked Amber to marry me.”

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Daniel Wilson

Daniel Wilson is an acclaimed and award winning wildlife artist whose artwork is highly sought-after and collected around the world. His paintings capture the vibrant colours, textures, and personalities of nature and its inhabitants, while also portraying a respect and admiration for the beauty of the natural world. Daniel’s work is particularly noteworthy for its lifelike textures, vivid colours, and captivating compositions.

Daniel has been shortlisted for Wildlife artist of the year on multiple occasions and won the Association of Animal Artist Inaugural Chair Award for his dedication to wildlife art and his teaching.

To see more of my work, follow me on Instagram @dwilsonarts or Facebook Daniel Wilson- Artist to see my charcoal work and pet portraits visit dwilsonarts.com

Amber Tyldesley

Amber Tyldesley’s high-impact pieces celebrate the beauty of the natural world in striking detail. A regular finalist in the DSWF Wildlife Artist of the Year competition, her work has won the People’s Choice Award and has been highly-commended by the judging panel on multiple occasions.

Working in acrylics, Amber builds her pieces in a series of layers to create a lively sense of depth, detail and luminosity. The interplay of light and colour play a key part in bringing a sense of life and individuality of every one of her subjects.

Her work is not only a celebration of the natural world, but a call to action, inspiring us to protect and preserve the wildlife she portrays. Sales of her work have so far accumulated over £15,000 for conservation projects across Africa and Asia. Her originals feature in private collections across the UK and internationally, including Europe, Australia, Canada and the USA.

To see more of Amber’s work visit ambertyldesley.com